Installation view, Com o coração saindo pela boca , Brazilian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, © Ding Musa, photo Ding Musa


Interview with Jonathas de Andrade

Pieter Vermeulen

I meet Jonathas de Andrade (1982, Maceió, Brazil) in the courtyard of Kunsthal Extra City. The artist won’t be in Antwerp for more than 24 hours, as a stopover between Venice – where he is representing his homeland at the Biennale – and Paris, where a solo show of his is currently running at Galleria Continua. His work for the program Revolting Times in Extra City, Olho da Rua, is the result of an intensive collaboration with a community of homeless people in de Andrade's hometown of Recife, in the north-east of Brazil.

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