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De Brief  HART Nr. 212

Letter for Camilla Steinum

Marina Pinsky

Dear Camilla,

It was so nice to see you the other day, it’s been a while. Happy you could join Shirin and me for some Baumkuchen and a few laughs before it got too cold out.

I was looking back on the few exhibitions I saw this year, and the one that touched me most was yours, at the Kunstverein Göttingen. Maybe the strange road there had some effect. You rented a van to drive some friends there, and just as we left Berlin, one of us got car-sick, and I became the bus driver! By the time we arrived in Göttingen, I had a bit of tunnel vision. Entering the Kunstverein, all the spaces and proportions appeared different from my memory. I knew this place well, having exhibited here a few years before. Now I was transported into the present, your world.

The entrance hall is filled with an enormous yellow cage, made of wooden dowels, looking i…

Installatie detail Camilla Steinum. zusammen und getrennt at Kunstverein
Göttingen, 2020, foto Silke Briel, © Kunstverein Göttingen