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In the face of Romanian modernism

Marcel Iancu was one of the most prominent figures of the cultural scene of the interbellum period in Romania. He left the country in 1914 to study architecture with his brother Iulius at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, since Switzerland was neutral during WWI. The brothers later worked together on many architecture projects. Due to the loss of their office archive, not much can be traced regarding the exact role of each of them fulfilled, but it is known that the Iancu brothers designed the first modernist buildings that were built in Bucharest during the 1920’s.

During his time in Zurich Marcel Iancu initiated the Dada movement with Hans Arp, Hugo Ball, Richard Hulsenbeck and his two friends from Bucharest, Tristan Tzara and Ion Vinea. This period was significant for Iancu, since his entourage as well…

Iancu House, Bucharest, residency of Susanne Mariacher and Helene Chauer. (c) Antoine Espinausseau