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Ode de Kort in NICC te Brussel

Praktische info

Ode de Kort, nog tot 20 mei in de vitrine van NICC, Rue Lambert Crickx 1, 1070 Brussel.

Een installatie van Ode de Kort (1992) is nog tot 20 mei te zien in de vitrineruimte van kunstenaarsorganisatie NICC te Brussel.

Foto: Ria Pacquée

Over het werk van Ode de Kort:

In the practice of Ode de Kort, as consistent collaborators, O and U are (much more than only letters), companions to think, exercise and perform with. By exercising and training with these characters they generate both (typo)graphic, performative and linguistic questions. In a continuous transposition between photography, installation, video, performance and text, De Kort's practice is a way to test sense-making and unmaking, shifting the relationship between language and the formation of the self.