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Brussels still has it

Sam Steverlynck

For a long time, the gallery world in Brussels was concentrated in two neighbourhoods: the area around the Rue Dansaert and the Avenue Louise. Over the past few years however the sector has reconfigured itself: an increasing number of galleries has left the city centre – with a few notable exceptions, such as dépendance, Office Baroque, Greta Meert or Dauwens & Beernaert. Most of the galleries have settled along the whole length of Avenue Louise – one of the prestige projects of the disputed King/commissioner of large-scale building works, Leopold II.

Schematically we can find a cluster of galleries on both ends of the Avenue Louise, with a fair number of galleries in between. On the southern axis, just before Place Stéphanie, near the Palace of Justice a number of galleries, such as Jan Mot, Catherine Bastide, Michel…
(c) Eva Donckers